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Right Med Bio System
Right Med Bio System

Diagnostic Equipments

Right Med Bio System offers a uniquely broad range of diagnostic instruments.Our expertise in in vitro diagnostics is one of the most respected in hematology worldwide and contribute today to the health of tomorrow. These instruments are manufactured from cutting-edge technology as per the set industry norms. The entire collection is precisely designed and is acknowledged for perfect finish and clinical accuracy.

Regardless of your throughput requirements, we can help you manage lab operations more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our product range includes Semi Auto Analysers, Urine Analysers , Hematology Analysers etc.

Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer


Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer
Approx. INR 125000
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A Real Time Operating System is the ideal solution for your lab that makes bio-chemical assay fast and accurate.

State of the art engineering sophisticated electronics and sub systems and thoughfully designed features make ARTOS a simples and easy to use equipment:

  • A range of graph displays such as enqymatic reaction curve,calibration curve etc.
  • User Friendly Messages.
  • Large graphic display.
  • Bulit - in thermal printer that generates sophisticated graph display of test results.
  • Built in RS 232 interface.
  • Peltier controlled user programmable temperature settings.
  • 100 user program location & 28 one-touch test buttons.

Multi-programming modes
  • Turbidimetry.
  • Adsorbance.
  • End point with Standard,Factor, Sample blank and Differential.
  • Two point (fixed time ) and Multi point kinetics.
  • Multi standard calibration upto 10 standards.
  • Mono or Bichromatic Readings.
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
  • Port of Dispatch: Chennai
  • Delivery Time: Within 7-14 days
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    Mindray Auto Hematology Analyser BC 5300


    Mindray Auto Hematology Analyser BC 5300
    Approx. INR 3200000 / Piece(s)
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    The new BC-5300 Auto Hematology Analyzer is a bench-top system, combining state-of-the-art technologies to provide reliable and accurate five-part hematology results from just 20µl of blood. The Windows-based software also provides many advanced features to enhance lab efficiency. BC-5300 requires zero daily maintenance and is equipped with an automatic cleaning set-up to make daily use as easy as possible.
    1. 5 part differentiation,27 parameter,1scattergram and 3 histograms.
    2. Semi conductor laser scatter combined with Chemical Dye Method,Advance Flow Cytometry.
    3. Compact , powerful and affordable. 
    4. Only  20µl sample volume. 
    5. Upto 60 samples per hour. 
    6. 2 counting modes:Whole Blood and Prediluted.
    7. Capacity to flag abnormal samples. 
    8. Large storage capacity: up to 40,000 samples.  
  • Item Code: BC5300
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
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    Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC 2800


    Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC 2800
    Approx. INR 350000 / Unit(s)
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    Mindray Auto Hematology Analyzer BC 2800 is a automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostics use in blood cell counting and characterisation. This easy to use instrument is ideal for clinical laboratories.

    The salient features of the  Mindray Auto Hematology Analyser BC 2800 is as follows

    1. Fully Automated instrument. 
    2. Compact, Flexible. 
    3. High Performance to price ratio. 
    4. Large Colour LCD Display.(Resolution: 640x480).
    5. 3 Part differentiation of WBC, 19 parameters + 3 histograms. 
    6. Thoughput : 30 samples per hour. 
    7. Up to 1000 samples results (including histograms can be stored. 
    8. Cyanide free HGB analysis method. 
    9. 3 counting models: All Parameters, WBC/HGB,RBC/PLT.
    10. Build in Thermal Printer.
  • Item Code: BC2800
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    Acon Urine Analyser U120


    Acon Urine Analyser U120
    Approx. INR 45000 / no
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    The MISSION Urine Analyser U120 is a high quality and competitively priced system developed for accurate and efficient urinalysis testing.

    • Up to 120 Tests / hour in continuous test operation.
    • Capable of reading 1 strip at a time in single test option.
    • Test modes include Routine, STAT and QC.
    • Automatic calibration for accurate results and easy operation.

    • Can read 8,10,11 parameters.
    • Minimal training required.

    Convenient Operation
    • Saves and recalls the last 2000 results automatically.
    • Audible beep signals operator to dip strips in urine.
    • Can print up to 3copies per test for convenient reviewing and easy record keeping.
    • Option to print results on sticker paper for quick and simple record management.

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
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    ESR Analyser


    ESR Analyser
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    ESR Analyser ESR 2010

    Automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer ESR 2010 is based on modified Westergren method.



    • Automated ESR analyzer based on the modified Westergren method
    • ESR results auto-corrected at 18 °C
    • Reliable and accurate results in 30 minutes
    • Excellent correlation to the standard 1 hour Westergren method
    • Useful for creating Safe and Healthy Environment for the user
    • Maintenance free



    Technical Specifications

    • Application area: Blood Sedimentation Rate Analysis
    • ESR tubes: 9/120mm, 1.6ml Vacuum/Non-vacuum ESR
    • Loading Capacity: Maximum 10 samples
    • Loading Pattern: Random Access
    • Throughput: 20 samples per hour
    • Analysis time: 30 minutes
    • Results: In Westergren mm/hour (by interpolation)
    • Test Tube: 1.1ml -1.28 ml blood (Non-vacuum ESR tube)
    • Temperature correction: Results autocorrected to 18 C (Manley Table)
    • Measurement principle: Infrared (IR) detection, transmission reading at start and during 30 minutes of sedimentation
    • Reading resolution: +/- 0.2 mm; Result resolution: +/- 1 mm
    • Measurement range: 1 – 140 mm/hr*; Reproducibility: C.V < 5%
    • Display: LCD with backlight
    • Interface: LPT for printer
    • Standard Operating Temperature: 15 °C to 30 °C
    • Dimensions (w x h x d): 22 cm x 21.6 cm x 17.5 cm
    • Weight: 2.5 kg
    • Power Requirements, External power supply : 110-220V AC
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
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    Nycocard HbA1c


    Nycocard HbA1c
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    The NycoCard HbA1c test is a 3 minute Point of Care test for the measurement of glycated hemoglobin.
    NycoCard HbA1c provides an accurate and reliable method to monitor metabolic control in people with diabetes.

    Test specific information:
    • Sample volume: 5 µL
    • Assay time: 3 minutes
    • Sample material: Capillary blood or anticoagulated venous blood (EDTA, citrate or heparin)
    • Measuring range: 4 - 15% HbA1c
    • Reports DCCT aligned values.
    • NGSP-certified method
    • Boronate affinity test principle
    • No interference from Hb variants like HbC, HbE, HbF, HbJ and HbS
    • No interference from carbamylated Hb
    • Kit size: 24 tests
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    HemoCue Hb 301 System


    HemoCue  Hb 301 System
    Approx. INR 35000
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    Accurate POC Anemia Screening From the Pioneers
    Optimized for anemia screening in primary care and blood donation settings, the HemoCue Hb 301 System is a simple and convenient solution. The HemoCue Hb 301 System provides quick, easy access to lab-quality results without compromising accuracy, even in demanding climates with high temperatures and humidity. With dedicated support and service as well as unmatched training and education based on over 30 years of experience, you can count on HemoCue for the right solutions for all your needs.

    • Precise factory calibration against the ICSH reference method
    • Patented microcuvette technology with excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
    • Robust testing within a wide range of temperatures and humidity
    • Blood-based liquid controls available Get Easy Access to Lab-Quality Accuracy
    • Capillary, venous or arterial whole blood sample
    • Brief training with virtually no maintenance
    • Link result with patient ID for medical record integration
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    Hemo Cue Hb 201 System


    Hemo Cue Hb 201 System
    Approx. INR 30000
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    Sample material: Capillary, venous or arterial whole blood.

    Measurement range: 0-25.6 g/dL

    Results: In about 60 seconds.

    Sample volume: 10 µL.

    Weight: 350 g (0.77 pounds) with batteries installed.

    Power: AC Adapter or batteries.

    Operating temperature: 15-30 °C (59-86 °F).

    Interface: Printer and PC

    Quality control: Built-in “selftest” and liquid controls.

    Calibration: The analyzers are calibrated at the factory against the ICSH reference method and needs no further calibration.

    Storage for HemoCue® Hb 201 Analyzer: The analyzer can be stored at temperature 0-50 °C (32-122 °F).

    Storage for container packaged HemoCue® Hb 201 Microcuvettes: The microcuvettes are to be stored at 15-30 °C (59-86 °F) in a dry place. Use the Microcuvettes prior to their expiry date. Once the container is opened the microcuvettes are stable for three months. Always keep the container closed.

    Storage for individual packaged HemoCue®strong> Hb 201 Microcuvettes: The microcuvettes are to be stored at 15-30 °C (59-86 °F) in a dry place. Use the Microcuvettes prior to their expiry date. The expiry date is printed on each container as well as on each individual package.

    Method: Vanzetti, G. An azidemethemoglobin method for hemoglobin determination in blood. J. Lab. Clin. Med. 67, 116-26 (1966).

    Principle: The reaction in the cuvette is a modified azidemethemoglobin reaction. The erythrocyte membranes are disintegrated by sodium deoxycholate, releasing the hemoglobin. Sodium nitrite converts the hemoglobin iron from the ferrous to the ferric state to form methemoglobin, which then combines with azide to form azidmethemoglobin. The photometer uses a double wavelength measuring method, 570 nm and 880 nm, for compensation of turbidity.

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    Blood Pressure Monitor


    Blood Pressure Monitor
    Approx. INR 1500 / Piece
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    With the help of our experienced and deft professionals, we are offering excellent quality Blood Pressure Monitor to the honorable patrons. Offered range of blood pressure meter is designed & developed by our expert professionals using superior-grade raw material in adherence with the international quality standards & norms.


    Following are the remarkable quality attributes of blood pressure meter:


    Easy to use

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    Horiba Abx Pentra 60 Hematology Analysers

    We offer 5 Part ABX Pentra 60 Hematology analysers from Horiba Medical.

    • Highly compact and cost-effective.
    • Micro-sampling from whole blood (CBC : 30 µL - DIFF: 53 µL)
    • Cytochemistry, Impedance (real cell volume measurement) & Optical (analysis of the internal cellular structure by measuring light absorbance) 
    • Perfect homogenization of blood samples with reagents.
    • Throughput: Up to 60 samples/hour.
    • Reagents: Only 4 onboard reagents and 1 diluent.
    • Perfect differentiation of the 5 WBC sub-populations with DHSS* Technology.
    • 3 histograms for RBC, BAS/WBC and PLT together with the 5 DIFF Matrix.
    • Basophils counted through specific channel.
    • High resolution matrix includes the determination of 2 additional subpopulations (% and #): Atypical Lymphocytes (ALY***) and Large Immature Cells (LIC***)    

  • Item Code: PENTRA60
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

  • Approx. INR 600000 / Unit(s)

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    Nycocard Reader

    The Nyco Card ReaderII is a small battery powered instrument, designed to measure all Nyco Card products.
    It consists of two units: the instrument box, which is the operational and calculating unit, and the Reader pen, which detects the signal.

    Each NycoCard test comprises a unique Test Device where the test is performed.

    The device has a central well for sample and reagent application, which is shaped to fit the Reader pen. When the pen is placed over the sample and the pen sleeve is pushed down, the measurement starts automatically and the test result appears on the display.

    Available tests:

    • NycoCard CRP test
    • NycoCard D-Dimer test
    • NycoCard HbA1c test
    • NycoCard U-Albumin test 

    Approx. INR 60000 / Unit(s)

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    Hemocue Hb 301 Microcuvettes

    Hemocue Hb 301 Microcuvettes
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    Hemocue Hb 201 Microcuvettes

    Hemocue Hb 201 Microcuvettes
    Approx. INR 2500 / Piece(s)
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